Managed Servers


If you want the power of a Dedicated Server, but lack the time or resources to maintain it, let us manage it for you. We will assume full responsibility of software, hardware and maintenance of the server. Our expertise and experience will provide you with the best security and performance.

Server Management is an option that can be added to any of our Dedicated Server packages, offering you all the knowledge of our IT professionals at an incredible low cost.

Security and vulnerability checks.

There is no need to say that security is one of the critical points to take in account when you have an on-line server. A secure server is a must for any on-line business, and this can only be provided by IT professionals. YSI IT Department can manage this work for you, assuming the responsability of the security of your servers.

When using our service the operating system on your server(s) will be always up-to-date, with the latest vulnerability patches installed. We will also use the experience gained in our 15 years in the business to apply the best security policys to your server(s).

Software installation, updates and control

To always have the latest version of your software is very important, but you also need to test new versions and ensure that there are no backwards compatibility issues before installing software updates to your production server. This will cost you both time and money. When you use our service YSI professionals will manage this, only installing verified updates on your system and taking all software dependencies into account to ensure your server will run smoothly after each update.

Performance control and System optimization

Many times there are unused software services that start automatically and are constantly consuming valuable system resources. We will revise all the processes that are running on your system, and we will fine-tune the system to achieve the best system performance possible, disabling any unused services to free up system resources. Our technicians will also perform an in-depth control of the processor and memory usage of all our Managed Servers, to ensure your server(s) will have the maximum performance at any time.

On-line support

One of the best values of the Managed Server option is that you will take profit of our professional on-line support system at no additional cost. By phone, on-line chat, web or e-mail, you will get the best support offered by putting you in direct contact with our system engineers.

And not only will we help you maintaining your system in a good shape, but we can also give you technical consultancy for new services or projects you are planning to implement on your dedicated server(s).

Managed Server Option

Convert any of our Dedicated Servers into a full Managed Server. Get all the knowledge of our IT professionals and forget about the system administration of your server.

  • Security and vulnerability checks.
  • Software updates and control.
  • Performance control.
  • System optimization.
  • On-line support: Level 3 support
Order it now! Cost: 110 € / month.

Server Management is an option that can be added to any of our Dedicated Server packages.