YSI Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization is not a fast process. It needs constant improve and refine of processes to maximize the effectiveness of campaigns. Effective SEO is labor intensive and time consuming. YSI is able to deal with the most demanding SEO campaigns on any competitive market.

We can help you launch your new website, or optimize an under-performing website. The process varies from site to site, depending on your target keywords, your target clients, and how well your competitors' websites rank in the search engines, but the basic steps are:

  1. Keyword, competitor and market analysis.
  2. On-site Optimisation.
  3. Link Building.
  4. Reporting and monitoring.

Keyword, competitor and market analysis

Our experts team will analyse the most searched and targeted keywords and phrases that relate directly to your business. We will then identify the SEO strategies of your competitors for these phrases in order to see exactly what is needed to do to rank above them.

On-site Optimisation

We understand how spiders crawl and index on-line content. Optimisation involves relevant keyword placement in concrete areas of each page, internal linking, code optimisation, content optimisation, navigation optimisation, and also resolving any issues which can affect the ranking of your website.

Link Building

YSI Marketing employs only the most effective and safest methods of link building that replicate natural link acquisition. The result is higher positions, quicker movement and long term rankings.

Reporting and monitoring

One of the main differences of SEO over other traditional marketing vehicles is the advantage of having highly measurable results. We believe in regular reporting, giving you the tools that will make you able to track your campaign progress at every stage.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages through the use of search engine optimization, paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusions.

We will take care of researching, submitting and positioning your Web site within search engines to achieve maximum exposure. SEM includes Search Engine Optimization, inclusion in paid listings and other search-engine related services and functions that will increase exposure and traffic to your Web site.

Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is a recent component of organizations' integrated marketing communications plans, and a new way to connect with your targeted markets, coordinating the elements of the promotional advertising (direct marketing, personal selling, public relations, publicity, and sales promotion) to produce a customer focused message.

The growth of social media has impacted the way organizations communicate with their customers. In the emergence of Web 2.0, Internet provides a set of tools that allow people to build social and business connections, share information and collaborate on projects online.

Our Social media marketing programs will center on efforts to create content that attracts attention, generates online conversations, and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.